First Friday Oct 2, 2015

Paintings by Christine Eagon

Sea Salt and Acrylic Paintings

Inspired by the night sky and mystical landscapes

Located North of Esther Short Park

Through the Lens and Beyond

Angst Galery Icon 1015 Main St
Vancouver WA
Phone: 360-253-1742

Recent works on paper by Christine Eagon

Night Sky Series

8" Diameter

Tor Series

5" Diameter

Full Moon - Holy Thorn and Averbury Stone Eclipse

8" x 8"

Artist Statement

My paintings are gifts from the luminous sky. This new body of work expresses my connection to the expansiveness and mysteries of the universe.

While traveling in England I used the circle motif as a tool to see the landscape and compose a painting. It was as if I were looking through a telescope or camera lens to align my focus. One night during that journey I watched the brilliant full moon rise over Glastonbury Tor. Much later that evening I saw intense lightning strikes across the vast velvety blue.

I'm grateful for the exhilarating and magnificent night sky putting on its best light show and the mysterious landscape of crop circles. Locally I have seen Perseid meteor showers, the super moon rising as the sun set on the horizon of the Pacific Ocean, and many unforgettable and brilliant starry nights. My circle paintings are inspired by these vivid experiences.

I invite you to connect with the light and healing energy. Enjoy the journey through the lens and beyond.

Mixed Media: Acrylic, watercolor and sea salt on paper.

Show runs May 1st to May 30th 2015

Address: 1015 Main St